Installation photos of Billy Al Bengston’s exhibition at LACMA, 1968. Photo © Museum Associates/LACMA.

from Decorative Arts: Billy Al Bengston and Frank Gehry discuss their 1968 collaboration at LACMA via East of Borneo

Richard Dreyfuss, Devils Tower, Television, Living Room from Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Richard Artschwager. Door Window Table Basket Mirror Rug. 1974. Ink and graphite on paper. Collection of Pat and Bill Wilson. © 2013 Richard Artschwager

Door, window, table, basket, mirror, rug. These six simple elements—found in many a living room and throughout the glossy pages of any home furnishing catalogue—are the components of a series that Richard Artschwager began creating in 1974. Artschwager repeated these same elements over and over to explore a variety of artistic approaches across media, but particularly in works on paper. In some of these compositions, the six shapes are arranged in a space that utilizes perspective, as if the artist were depicting an actual or imagined interior. In others, the forms are stacked one atop another, or arranged in a ring; occasionally the components are stretched or bloated to form near abstractions.

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Museo Casa Mollino

"To understand what a true original Mollino was, you should make an advance reservation to see the apartment that the architect created for himself in the 1960s–not as a place to live, but as a work of art that would express his varied passions. The Museo Casa Mollino is preserved by family members who offer intimate tours by advance reservation. Eclectically furnished rooms look out to the river, but the view is a distraction from the Surrealist ambience of the interior."

Fountain, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
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